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The liberals shot down the bill ! We need people with empathy towards animals to run our country Not Mr Trudeau!!! In Canada, wildlife and fish belong to the government until they are captured or killed. But, protecting the environment is impossible if we continue to assert universal ownership of all land and wildlife to pursue endless economic growth.

Moreover, why do we still allow pigs, who are highly intelligent social beings, to spend their lives in tiny gestation crates, as if they already were sausages? The European Union phased out battery cages for hens, veal crates for calves, and gestation crates for sows as of Why are these practices still allowed in Canada, a G7 country?

The EU banned cosmetic testing on all animals in and the use of antibiotics in agriculture except to tread sick animals. Why does Canada resist so much? In Canada, we still use drugs to accelerate livestock growth, thereby contributing to antibiotics resistance! It is time Canada join other countries and amend its animal cruelty laws to improve animal welfare and include the common but violent practices used in agriculture?

I feel that Mr. Taking issue with how people dress is unbelievable. Would Mr. Trudeau have been as rude had everyone been wearing jeans and checkered shirts? Perhaps not. Until Mr. Hunting, farming, these are big business for them. Powerful voices that drown out the concerns of regular people. His attention needs to be drawn to those serial killers that started by torturing animals, then moved to humans. The total lack of protection from abuse in research facilities has nothing to do with urban and rural perspectives on animal welfare.

The changes most animal welfare advocates are proposing have nothing to do with the rural way of life. Our prime minister should educate himself on these manners. Thank you for addressing the PM with concerns for animals…he and his government continue to sidestep the issues and ignore the demands of Canadians and many government officials for better animal cruelty laws. What happened with Bill C was a disgrace and I will be writing to Trudeaus office demanding and answer to The question he was asked.

We will be making animal rights an election issue! Thank you Karin for making that commitment. I too am trying to make animal rights an election issue. I have just written an article in response to his ignorant comments. Have a look if you wish. Just read your article Louise. Well done! I will be writing the PM, making many of the same points. His resistance to Bill C by one of his own Liberals says all anyone needs to know about how he really feels toward animal welfare. Selling Canada to the highest bidder is far more important to him and his friends than animal welfare or what we the Canadian public actually wants.

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Just like the KM pipeline, indigenous peoples right to clean drinking water, TPP, climate control, NAFTA, our ever declining medical coverage, national pharmaceutical care, veterans rights, senior care, pension income reviews, availability and affordability of senior along term care, the list goes on and on. As I have said many times in various media comments, there is little difference between Mr.

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Trudeau and Mr. These organizations are well-funded and do some good work which we all support: they fight genuine animal abuse, spotlight cruel industrial practices, increase awareness and motivate change concerning the humane treatment of all animals. They advertise and lobby ceaselessly to focus media attention on the good work that they accomplish, but none of these activities modifies their core mission: killing or freeing every captive animal—aquarium fish, beloved pets, cancer-research rats, dairy cows, zoo otters… They artfully create the illusion that they love pets and pet welfare in order to win millions of dollars in donations which they use to kill animals and lobby towards pet extinction.

No discussion of the Animal Rights agenda would be complete without a quick examination of their flagship crusades:. Killing, eliminating, or banning well cared-for animals whose lives do not meet an arbitrary standard of being free from all human involvement is neither ethical nor humane. All true animal lovers must band together to prevent the eradication of all pets and ultimately all animals.

Millions of dollars are donated to these groups by well-intentioned pet lovers who believe they are helping animals, and who are shocked and outraged when they learn the truth. If you own a pet or believe that some people should be allowed to keep pets,do not support AR groups. Please be part of the solution: make an informed decision to support organizations whose ideals and actions comport with your own and will genuinely help to make the world a better place. Refuse to support deceitful and organizations that will take your money in the name of animals and use that money to kill and lobby against animals.

Refuse to vote for politicians who support such organizations. Please do your own research about any organization you would support. Here are a few websites with useful information on the animal rights issue:. It is not going to be on any website — but I will print on a large bristol board and it will be displayed for spectators to view.

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I would also like permission to use the information on Animal Rights…but I would like to put it on my website, with credit to you of course, and a link to this informative site. May I? You are amazing and I completely agree!! I am currently writing a paper on animal rights, and you have left me so inspired! I have read a lot of articles on this matter and I want to Thank You for this one. I as born in a Circus family, so have been around all kinds of animals all my life. I wish people would try to just see for themselves the love and devotion that most animal trainers have for their animals.

I say most because, like all walks of life, there are a few bad seeds. I agree that sometimes there are situations that prevent us from giving these animals a lot of freedom, but on a whole, we make up for it when we can. They are our lives, as our family is, their comfort comes first. Some of you may think this is not true, and you are wrong. Again, I can only say what I know as facts in my 70 years of living around and with animals in the circus and Horse shows.

WE, as people that love and respect all animals want what is best for them, and want them to remain in our lives. I am totally against all cruelty, but please try to see the difference between discipline and abuse.

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Just look at the animal and judge for yourself, not what someone else tells you. Non of us are totally free, and we all have to work to survive, and we all need a purpose. Your Comment. Name required.

E-mail required. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Deriving utility from animals is acceptable so long as certain conditions are met, and in fact coexisting can and should be mutually beneficial. Animal Rights: Animals should exist only in a pure and natural state free from captivity or any human intrusion. Captive animals should be released or destroyed: death is preferable to life involving humans. If humans derive benefit it is exploitation and should be stopped, even if the activity benefits the animal.

Consider the following points: They believe that animals have the right to live in a fantasy world, free from suffering, death, or human involvement, and that any animal that cannot exist in that world would be better off dead. Because that world does not exist, they effectively argue against every viable life for animals in the real world. And this is no academic distinction: they actively kill animals or release them or ban them… They believe that lying is an acceptable tool. They proudly admit that they will lie or cheat if it will help them achieve their goal, so they do not candidly fight for what they believe, instead they collect billions of dollars in donations from will meaning pet lovers who believe that their money will be used to improve the lives of animals when in truth it will be spent to pass laws making animals lives worse.

They are killed, they suffer, they are raped, eaten alive, tortured, etc. The involvement of human consciousness does not make captivity wrong.


People are capable of providing superior lives for animals—free from parasites and predators and with optimal nutrition and water, secure space, needed veterinary care, and enrichment. The life expectancy of human cared for animals averages two to three times longer than that of their wild counterparts, and for much more of their lives they are healthy, robust, and comfortable.

The only intrinsic difference between a wild animal and a well-kept animal is that the captive animal has a person tending to its every need. Animals have lives in captivity that are every bit as rich and full as in the wild, and in general they are longer, healthier, more comfortable, and by any practical criteria better. AR people have killed many animals, turned countless animals loose to starve, opened gates and enclosures so that cherished pets are run down on the streets, all in the zealous belief that no animal should ever be captive.

Many of these released animals had enjoyed full and happy lives that were ended abruptly because those lives did not conform to the AR view of what they should be. Further, AR people have taken custody of animals, promising to re-home them, then destroyed and discarded them. They believe that improving captivity merely encourages its continuation.