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Crafts as well as cooking will keep those fingers busy. Lafayette, La. General information is given about each festival. Meal planning and menus start on page There are menus for Easter, Thanksgiving 2 , and Christmas. The book is arranged by type of food appetizers, soups, salads, etc. There are nice color photographs of the dishes and colorful page decorations. There are occasional sidebars giving ideas for being prepared, decorations, party ideas, etc.

San Francisco : Chronicle Books, c The Thanksgiving section includes leftovers. The Christmas section has an afternoon tea, a buffet, coffee cakes, and sweets, among others. The New Year's section has a midnight madness buffet, New Year's brunch, and munchy food. Alexandria, VA : Time-Life, c Starts with cooking equipment, how to cook a turkey and creating a menu. There are very nice color pictures of the dishes. New York : Broadway Books, c So, in addition to a host of tips, I've provided suggested complete menus with preparation and cooking timetables.

A wide variety of foods is covered. For example, friends of turkeys includes smoked ham and meatball lasagna. Dishes that can be made ahead are so indicated. New York, NY : Macmillan, c You knew this one was coming, didn't you? R The cook's companion by [Doris McFerran Townsend]. New York : Crown Publishers, The book is arranged in a dictionary format with mostly short entries.

There are tables and line drawings. Example entries are: barbecue, breakfast, coupons, cream, foo yong, jambalaya, quenelles, and zwieback. New York : Columbia University Press, c Example articles are: feeding strategies in prehistoric times, biblical reasons, Greek meals, diet of the Etruscans, Arab cuisine, medieval cooking, invasion of foreign foods, rise of the restaurant, perils of abundance, and "McDonaldization" of culture. New York, N. A colorful book with nice illustrations. The book is arranged by food group.

Within each section you can find history, implements, maps with migration routes, fact sidebars, and recipes. New York : Macmillan, c Each food has information that covers buying, preparing, serving ideas, cooking, nutrition, and storing.

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A good coffee table book. A dictionary arranged book with short entries on a large number of foods. There are some line drawings and photographs. Kaufman ; preface by Robert I. Gannon ; decorations by Richard Gorman Powers. New York : Citadel Press, c The book is arranged by day or time period. Background and recipes are given.

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Covers foods and recipes for Christian celebrations. It is fun to go through a book like this to see the varied and unusual recipes. There is a general discussion of religious rules relating to food and eating. Fasting is covered, but not holidays in particular. New York : Times Books, c The book is arranged by holiday or holiday group and includes Israel's Independence Day and Jerusalem Day.

Livonia, Mich. The book is typical of groups that self publish their favorite recipes. I found several of the recipes intriguing. There is a special section on Easter and Christmas covering recipes and culture.

Chandler, AZ : Five Star publications, c The book explains Passover and the Seder. There is a "countdown to Passover" guide and a guide to menu variations. Many recipes are from Europe and the Middle East. Madison, Ill. Another church group published cookbook. It has sections on traditional foods and quantity cooking recipes. If you are planning on feeding a real crowd, use the subject phrase "quantity cookery" in our catalog to find books specializing in feeding large groups. New York : Doubleday, A very nice cookbook with background information beyond the recipes. The book is arranged by holiday and has a general explanation of baking.

Los Angeles, Calif. Focuses on Hindu customs of food and surrounding food. The festive table : recipes and stories for creating your own holiday traditions by Ronni Lundy. New York : North Point Press, And it's my hope that they will inspire you to create such celebrations of your own.

Copage ; design and illustrations Cheryl Carrington.


New York : W. Morrow, c Because it is only one week long, and because of the ceremony, and because it climaxes with a glorious feast, Kwanzaa has an intensity and focus that provides the perfect atmosphere for my son to experience the joys of being black.

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  • Kwanzaa also has the celebratory aspect that will provide memories for Evan and now my daughter, Siobhan, to savor as adults and to pass on to their children. The pages are pleasantly decorated with designs by Cheryl Carrington.

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    There is information about the origin and conducting of the Kwanzaa celebration. New York : Dutton, c A small book explaining Kwanzaa and how to celebrate it. Recipes are given for the Karamu feast and for use as gifts. Newmarket, Ontario, Canada : Traditions Press, c This book starts with Fall and goes through the seasons. There are recipes, crafts, and holiday coordinated suggestions as you go through the year.

    Check out the kid's kitchen make-up. Or maybe woven pocket hearts are more your style. Or maybe gumdrop squares?

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    Since I can both cook and write, I got the job. New York : Lyons Press, [], c This is not a holiday cookbook. If you would like to incorporate some Native American cooking into a meal this is a good source. The book is divided into geographic regions. Within the regions recipes are arranged by food category. An appendix on page groups all the recipes together by category. They can be located by referring to the following index. New York : Hawthorn Books, [] This is primarily an Indian cuisine cookbook, but some holiday and festival information is given.

    New York : Hippocrene Books, c Other celebrations are Mahjong dinner, tea ceremony, wedding dinner, hungry ghost, and Mongolian fire pot. Includes a listing of the twenty-four solar phases. Another book with a large number of celebrations beyond the holidays. The orientation is around the world. The book is based on a television series with the same name. Recipes are given for each celebration.

    What you might eat in a day:

    New York : Clarkson Potter, c Color illustrations of the dishes and some background scenes are included. There is material on Italian wine laws and Italian wine. New York, Roy Publishers [] The main part is arranged by food category. There is a section on holiday foods and customs. This is followed by sections on Christmas and Easter. There is a special section on international dishes that includes a turkey dinner from the United States.