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From to , he taught in the Software Engineering graduate program at Seattle University , and subsequently spent a year at the Software Engineering Institute. After 45 years in the field Glass described himself as "my head is in the academic area of computing, but my heart is in its practice. Glass authored more than papers [13] and 25 books.

Facts and fallacies of Software Engineering

A selection:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. His final column was: Glass, Robert L. IEEE, Personal web site.

The Most Important (and Least Understood) Software Development Fact

Archived from the original on September 14, Retrieved November 6, Glass Bob has meandered the halls of computing for over 50 years now, starting with a three-year gig in the aerospace industry at North American Aviation in —, which makes him one of the true pioneers of the software field. That stay at North American extended into several other aerospace appearances at Aerojet-General Corp.

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His role was largely that of building software tools used by applications specialists. Glass Software Creativity 2. Considering this, it is no surprise that a fair number of the facts in his book can be considered aligned with agile principles. The initial design solution will likely be wrong and certainly not be optimal.

Facts and fallacies of Software Engineering (Example)

A fair amount of it is creative. Glass does a great job of skewering fallacies.

We manage cancer research. We manage software design. We manage all manner of things that are deeply intellectual, even creative, without any idea of what numbers we ought to have to guide us.

Software development Top #9 Facts

This book taught me a few new things and, as the author predicted, helped me remember quite a few more. I suspect you'll have a similar experience.

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