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If more than one motorcycle, moped, motor scooter, etc. Drivers of State Vehicles : Any person operating a CNM or State of New Mexico vehicle is responsible for knowing and abiding by all local, state and federal motor vehicle and traffic regulations and CNM parking regulations. Drivers of State of New Mexico vehicles will be held personally liable for parking citations.

Special-Events Parking : Campus parking facilities may be used for special events. Persons driving and parking on campus are expected to comply with signs, barricades and cones regulating or restricting parking for special events. Vehicles identified on campus after 72 hours will be cited and impounded by Parking Services.

Liability : CNM assumes no responsibility for the care and protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time while the vehicle is on property owned, operated or leased by CNM. Administrative citations are issued with an assessment fee with the right to appeal.

Vehicles may be impounded for three cumulative unpaid or non-appealed violations of these regulations or any violation s that creates a potential health or safety risk to other vehicles or pedestrians in CNM parking facilities or property. State of New Mexico laws governing the movement of motor vehicles and bicycles are in effect on all CNM campuses. Any observed violation of the New Mexico traffic code will be reported to the Albuquerque Police Department for enforcement. Vehicles may not be driven against the designated isle direction or traffic flow in CNM parking lots.

All vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and non-pedestrian devices must obey the lawful direction of a CNM security officer or authorized parking enforcement officer. The emergency dispatch number is Habitual and Flagrant Violations : Any employee or student who is referred by the Parking Services Review Committee to the Dean of Students, other instructional dean, department head or department directors for administrative or disciplinary sanctions may appeal that recommendation by the following procedures set forth in the CNM Catalog and Student or Employee handbooks.

Citations must be paid in full or appealed within sixteen 16 calendar days of issuance. Appeals not received by 5 p. Three or more unpaid or non-appealed citations may result in the impoundment of the vehicle. Under the authority of the Governing Board of Central New Mexico Community College and in accordance with this Parking and Traffic Policy and Procedures, the Parking Services Review Committee is hereby formed for the express purpose of reviewing student and employee parking issues and hearing citation appeals.

The committee's goal is to strive for the fair and equitable adjudication of claims made by appellants. The Parking Services Review Committee is comprised of six members a minimum of three members. The panel is interdisciplinary and represents a broad spectrum of CNM from all major divisions and the student government body.

Membership shall include a chair which will be a Parking Services staff member. The chair has no voting rights and the position is for procedural purposes only.

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The following appeals process is established for the expedient and fair review of appeals filed by students and staff cited for parking and traffic violations at CNM. Tow fees and Boot fees are not open for appeal. Decision in Favor of Appellant : If the appeal is decided in favor of the appellant, the matter is closed and the fines are canceled. Multiple citations are reviewed individually and decided on their own merits.

Decision Against the Appellant : If the decision of the committee is against the appellant's argument, the fine s remain outstanding and must be paid. Special event parking and reserved parking requests are available only through Parking Services.

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Upcoming campus events, special meetings, conferences or seminars will be accommodated. CNM departments hosting visitors or special functions are responsible for transmitting parking information needs to the parking supervisor. Reservation of 20 spaces or fewer requires five 5 CNM business-days' notice. Reservation of more than 20 spaces requires a minimum of ten 10 CNM business-days' notice; however, thirty 30 CNM business-days' notice is preferred and appreciated.

All requests must via e-mail to parkserv cnm. CNM parking facilities are extremely limited.

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CNM encourages all members of the campus community to consider alternative transportation to campus. Some suggestions include:. ABQ Ride bus schedules and information about related services are available at the Student Services Center information desk. Bicycles : Bicycle racks are located at various locations at all CNM campus locations. The Security Department strongly encourages the use of anti-theft devices when parking your bike on campus.

Bicycles can only be parked and secured to designated bicycle rack. Bicycles secured at any other locations can be confiscated due to safety risks by the Security Department.

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Replacement of any security device will be at the cost of the owner. It is recommended that CNM employees and students using campus facilities in the evening park in well-lit areas and avoid walking alone and in isolated areas of the campus. The Security Department provides an escort service in the evenings. Employees and students and staff may request an escort by calling Security Dispatch at The use of skates, skateboards and rollerblades in buildings, interior campus sidewalk areas, parking lots and loading dock areas is prohibited.

Motorists will be required to sign a service disclaimer before any service will be rendered. Assistance may be requested by calling Security Dispatch at Abandoned Vehicle : any motor vehicle or non-pedestrian device, or parts thereof, that remains unclaimed for 72 hours.

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Academic Year : the school year beginning the fall trimester of one calendar year until the end of the summer trimester of the next calendar year. Boot : a device placed on a vehicle's wheel tire to immobilize the vehicle due to multiple unpaid parking citations or other violations as prescribed in this policy. Business Day : all days that CNM is open for business. While classes may be in session during the weekend, CNM business is normally conducted Monday through Friday, 8 a. Carpool : an arrangement whereby two or more commuters travel together in one car and share costs.

Citation : a written or printed notice from CNM Parking Services stating that a violation against a stipulated parking rule or regulation has occurred, a fine has been levied against the operator of the vehicle, and payment is required within a specific time. Contractor : any person performing work for CNM under contract arrangement, excluding faculty arrangements. Crosshatch : an area that has been marked with stripes denoting a no-parking area, disabled handicap access, disabled handicap van access, a fire lane area or a turn-around zone.

Curb Markings : color-coded regulatory designations.

Details about Policies, Rules, and Regulations

Red curbs indicate fire lane and no parking areas. Green curbs indicate service areas. Unmarked curbs may be marked with parking restrictions. Employee : any person employed by CNM, either full time or part time. This includes faculty and staff designations. General Parking : permit parking areas that are non-paid yet require the registration of a vehicle and issuance of a General Parking Permit to park at CNM and be in compliance with this policy.

Safety and Security

Government Vehicle : for the purpose of this policy, a CNM fleet vehicle bearing license plates designating affiliation with the State of New Mexico. Holiday : applies to official CNM holidays such as Christmas Day and not academic recess periods such as term breaks. Impoundment : the removal of a vehicle by towing or the immobilization of a vehicle by booting for a violation of the rules or regulations of this policy. Landscaping : grass, gravel, islands, trees, shrubs, sand, flower beds and dirt areas that are not designated driveways, load zones or parking areas.

Legal Parking Space : a space designated by two white or yellow parallel stall lines in a paved parking area or a space designated by a parking bumper block in non-paved lots. The vehicle must be parked within the stall lines in the paved areas and perpendicular to the bumper block in non-paved areas. Use is limited to 20 minutes.

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Metered Spaces : parking spaces that require interval payment by coin from a. Motor Vehicle : any motorized mode of transportation by which a person or property may be transported. The definition includes automobiles, mopeds, motorcycles, motor scooters, motorbikes, trucks, small carts, etc. Motorized wheel chairs are excluded. No Parking Zone : any area or space not defined as a legal parking space.