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At the end of the 10 days is Yom Kippur , which is the Day of Atonement.

It is considered to be the holiest day in the Jewish calendar and is usually spent in prayer and fasting. Get your honey and hollowed-out ram horn at the ready as the Jewish celebration begins at sundown on Sunday September 29, Instead of the typical New Year celebrations which generally last for one night and one day, Rosh Hashanah will continue for two days until nightfall on Tuesday October 1, Around blasts can often be heard throughout the New Year at the synagogue, symbolising a call for repentance.

Fish heads are also eaten, to symbolise the head of the year, and pomegranates, which are said to have seeds, similar to the commandments in the Jewish holy teaching. Rosh Hashanah is typically celebrated in September, although the exact dates move each year, unlike in the Gregorian New Year. Some denominations celebrate the festival for different lengths and only observe one day instead of two.

When does Rosh Hashanah start, what does it mean and how is Jewish New Year celebrated?

In terms of the Gregorian calendar, the earliest date on which Rosh Hashanah can fall is September 30, as happened in , , and They can be small globes that fit in your palm, or as large as a parade float. People make lanterns in symbolic designs as well. They represent hope, success and happiness.

Top 5 biggest festivals in China

In the past, people used these lanterns to signify they were safe after an attack. Now, they are used for wishes.

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Lanterns would be gifted to newlyweds or couples without children to pass on the blessings. Pregnant women would receive a pair of small lanterns to wish health and safety on both mother and child.

Cultural Significance of the Lantern Festival

Some regions also burn lanterns to determine the gender of their future child from the shape of the ashes. In the city of Fengyang, swings play a major role. Holding fans and parasol-like props, folks dance to the beat of drums. The ancient Chinese would often get together with some friends, drink wine and write poetry.

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  • Plays on words and riddles were a favorite pastime. During this festival, people would write riddles on the lanterns. These small games are popular with everyone. They require you to be clever and think outside the box. The lion is intricately designed, with movable eyes and mouths. Sometimes, the lion will open its mouth and demand food and red pockets. Other times, they roll around and play like oversized kittens.

    Early New Year’s Celebrations

    Chinese stilt performances are an ancient act. They stem from Chinese opera and the performers sing and dance while on stilts. Depending on their character, they have difference costumes and heights. The trademark food of the Lantern Festival is called yuan xiao, just like the festival itself.

    They are glutinous rice dumplings with sweet fillings made of syrup, red bean paste, black sesame paste or more. They can be steamed or fried, but usually boiled and served in hot water.

    Bali Hindu New Year 2020 and 2021

    Despite being a night of revelry, the Lantern Festival is also a night for families. Before Chinese New Year finally ends, the family should reunite again. Take a break from the celebrations and relax with your family. Reconnect under the moon. Enjoy firework shows and performances while eating a bowl of yuan xiao. Our site uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Welcome to CNY !

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