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A communication structure is needed here so that the data passed by an InfoPackage can feed multiple InfoCubes. See the note for Screen 3. Step 5.

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Enter InfoObjects as shown, and then click to save and activate the communication structure. You have created the communication structure. A status message Communication Struct. Now we can clearly see that an InfoSource is simply a communication structure.

SAP BW (Business Warehouse)

Click to pass the message. BW proposes a transfer structure based on the information of the communication structure. Under the Trans. You can use these four fields as selection conditions when loading data using an InfoPackage. Under the Transfer rules tab, the simple one-to-one mappings appear in the left table, called Communication str.

Step 6. The first option, InfoObject, is the default — the simple one-to-one mapping. The second option, , allows us to specify a constant.

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Step 7. Enter a name for the Transfer routine, select the option All fields, and then click to continue. Step 8. The statement should appear as shown on line This blog will guide on how to consume the CDS view by different applications. You will learn about the following topics:. Generally two separate systems were used before to merge transactional and analytical requirements. The goal is to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of the business process through integration, analysis and visualization of analytics and KPIs, within the range of the business process execution.

It Consist of virtual data models based on CDS views covering role-based operational reports for lines of business and comes with tools for business users, power users and developers to analyze data and manage the lifecycle of reports and KPI. The Core Data Services CDS offers domain-specific languages and services to define and consume semantically rich data models. It is a structured representation of CDS views and follows consistent modeling rules. This enables customers to benefit from the latest innovations in the database system.

After entering CDS view name, it will ask for attaching the view to a transport request as below. Step 4: Select the transport where we want the DDL source file to be attached. No Downloads.

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A step by-step process to design and manage a successful sap bi implementation or upgrade for large deployments v2 1. Introduction 3.

New deployments 5. Design Strategy cont. New deployments 8. They need not contain valid production data, only the same structure as Production data sources New deployments This needs to be carried out following a real-life scenario on production data volumes, testing concurrent usage, scheduling and publications under a worst-case scenario New deployments Implementation Strategy Cont. Existing deployments This will enable you to review scalability, resizing, tuning, and cleanup processes.

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This ensures you keep a stable, secure, and available system. Key Points to Monitor Cont. SAP BI4. Integration Process cont.