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Hayashi, T. Matsuura, and A. Burgstahler, Experientia, ,26, 8. Willhalm and A. Thomas, Chern.

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Devgan, M. Bokadia, A. Bose, G. Trivedi, and K. Chakravarti, Tetrahedron, , 25, Bessiere-Chrttien, L.

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Ohno, J.

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Blackburn, W. Ollis, J. Plackett, S. Smith, and 1. Sutherland, Chem. Baldwin, R.

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Hackler, and D. Kelly, Chem. Monoterpenoids 15 pathway to the 'odd' groups since a homoallylic cation [e. It has also been made from the known3' 2,2-dimethylbutenal using a Wittig reaction ;40 the latter publication also reports a synthesis of the structure 62 ,at one time believed to represent yomogi alcoh The synthesis of pyrethric acid or its mono-ester 65 from chrysanthemic acid has been carried out in two laboratories.

Ueda and Matsui prepared all four 38 39 40 4' A. Thomas, Chem. Julia and M.

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Meeting, Riga, U. Velluz, J. Martel, and G.

Nomine, Compt. Crombie, C. Doherty, and G. Pattenden, J. In the absence of the Japanese text, this abstract should be treated with caution. Perchloric acid treatment of isoprene can be made to give a low yield of 2,2,6-trimethylviyltetrahydropyran Japan , ,34, 1 Hanafusa, M. Ohnishi, M. Mishima, and Y. Yukawa, Chem. Toimetised, Keem. Kudryavtsev, K. Laats, and M. Tanaka, T. Katagiri, and H. Okawa, Nippon Kugaku Zusshi, ,90, Chem.

The Terpenoids

Okawa, Nippon Kagaku Zusshi, ,91, Chem. Kogyo Gijutsu Incho, Jap. The sex attractant of the male boll weevil Anthonornus grandis, Boheman was identified as the cis-substituted cyclobutane 73 ,55a stereospecific synthesis of which Scheme 4 was reported shortly afterwardss6 Cyclopentanes. Schum, and the Cg iridoid glucoside galiridoside 75 from Galeopsis tetrahit L. Suga, S. Watanabe, T. Watanabe, and M.

Kuniyoshi, J. Watanabe, K. Suga, and T. Watanabe, Chem. Tumlinson, D. Hardee, R. Gueldner, A. Thompson, P. Hedin, and P. Minyard, Science, , , Zurfliih, L. Dunham, V. Spain, and J.

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Siddall, J. Sticher, Tetrahedron Letters, , 3 Sticher and H. Schmid, Hefv. Acta, , 52, Sticher, Tetrahedron Letters, , Gray,62 and loniceroside 79 and the previously known sweroside 80 ,isolated from the leaves of the same plant,63 are closely related to the other iridanes. An excellent summary of this type of glycoside has been compiled by Bobbitt and Segebarth.