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The nature of the antibacterial activity. Bee World. Barakhbah SASA. Honey in the Malay tradition.

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Honey promotes angiogeneic activity in the rat aortic ring assay. Wound healing: an overview of acute, fibrotic and delayed healing. Front Biosci. The effect of short- and long-term treatment with manuka honey on second intention healing of contaminated and noncontaminated wounds on the distal aspect of the forelimbs in horses. Vet Surg. The effect of a honey based gel and silver sulphadiazine on bacterial infections of in vitro burn wounds. Gethin G, Cowman S. Manuka honey vs. J Clin Nurs. Honey dressing versus silver sulfadiazene dressing for wound healing in burn patients: a retrospective study.

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Br J Surg. Wound contraction effects and antibacterial properties of Tualang honey on full-thickness burn wounds in rats in comparison to hydrofibre. Comparison between topical honey and mafenide acetate in treatment of burn wounds. Ann Burns Fire Disasters. Honey compared with silver sulphadiazine in the treatment of superficial partial-thickness burns.

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An open labelled prospective clinical trial. Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol. Honey dressing versus paraffin tulle gras following toenail surgery. Effects of three types of Japanese honey on full-thickness wound in mice.

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