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Why Universal shouldn't have cancelled The Hunt

The Hunt began garnering attention last week after Universal started pulling back on its marketing campaign following the mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas. In this natural arena of sorts, they are then hunted down by rich people who have paid for the Most Dangerous Game experience of murdering them with an array of weapons, including guns.

In light of the two recent instances of gun violence in the U. What happened in the time between the ads getting pulled and The Hunt getting canned, and what do we actually know about the film we may never see?

'The Hunt' director breaks silence, says controversial movie's 'ambition was to poke at both sides'

The first footage does feature characters saying they hail from Wyoming, Mississippi, and Florida. The original title of the film was Red State vs.

Blue State , and based on reporting by THR it was apparently received with trepidation when Universal bought the project. But considering the persistent vagueness of Red State vs.

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Based on what little we have seen, is The Hunt racist? Do we have access to any other details whatsoever about the individual characters or their motivations within the movie?

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Judgment: truly cannot tell you anything about this movie. Over the following 72 hours the animal tracked him down and killed him.

Later investigations suggested that the tiger planned its movements with a rare mix of strategy and instinct and most importantly, with a chilling clarity of purpose: Amba was seeking revenge. This animistic belief constitutes the leitmotiv to experience the impact of nature in the Udege communities across one of the last remnants of shamanism: the culture of the hunter. He has also exhibited at festivals and in galleries and museums in various countries including Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland.

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