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From the narrowness of the iron line, together with evidence of line flux variability between the Suzaku and XMM-Newton observations, we constrain the line emitting region to be between 3 x 10 3 r g and 4 x 10 4 r g from the black hole. We show that the observed properties of the iron line can be explained if the line originates from the surface layers of a warped accretion disk.

In particular, we present explicit calculations of the expected iron line from a disk warped by Lens-Thirring precession from a misaligned central black hole. Finally, the Suzaku data reveal clear evidence of large amplitude keV variability on timescales of 50 ksec and smaller amplitude flares on timescales as short as ksec. If associated with accretion disk processes, such rapid variability requires an origin in the innermost regions of the disk r approximate to 10r g or less.

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The Nature of the Compton-thick X-ray Reprocessor in NGC - INSPIRE-HEP

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An Observational Overview of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs); Part 1 of 2

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Such models are called unified models. Quasars and blazars can be fit quite easily in this model.


It has been suggested that these differences may be due to differences in the spin of the central black hole. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A class of active galaxies with very bright nuclei. Main article: Eddington luminosity. Therefore, given the observed luminosity which would be less than the Eddington luminosity , an approximate lower limit for the mass of the central black hole at the center of an active galaxy can be estimated.

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